The Financial Services Commission (FSC) Mauritius launched the Online Data Capture System (ODCS)

The ODCS is a platform which allows the collection, compilation and analysis of data through online submissions, geared towards adherence to best international statistical practices and standards. This system provides a secured and user-friendly online platform, with SSL certificate, for Licensees to submit their respective data. 

The FSC Mauritius has created one administrator user for each licensee and has sent the login credentials by post. The ODCS allows the administrator user to create as many other user accounts as necessary. 

A phased-wise approach will be adopted. The first phase will consist of submission of survey forms of surveys conducted by FSC Mauritius and Audited Financial Statements/Annual Report. Subsequent phases will include other statutory submissions. 

Source: FSC Mauritius

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Published on: 18 April 2016