Port Louis ranked first in Africa for the quality of living and personal safety survey

Port Louis is the safest city and has the highest quality of living in Africa, according to a survey conducted by global human resources consulting firm Mercer which was released on Tuesday 23rd 2016.

Port Louis is ranked 83rd in the world in quality of living and 59th globally in personal safety.

Mercer’s Quality of Living surveys provide valuable data as well as hardship premium recommendations for over 440 cities throughout the world; this year’s ranking includes 230 of these cities.

This year, the survey identifies those cities with the highest personal safety ranking based on internal stability, crime figures, performance of local law enforcement, and the home country’s relationship with other countries.

Mercer’s authoritative survey is one of the world’s most comprehensive, and is conducted annually to enable multinational companies and other employers to compensate employees fairly when placing them on international assignments. Employee incentives include a quality-of-living allowance and a mobility premium.

Source:  Mercer
Published on: 23rd February 2016