Mauritius ranked 1st in Africa and in top 50 globally on information technology

Mauritius and South Africa were both ranked in the top half of the 13th edition of World Economic Forum’s Global Information Technology Report (GITR) released yesterday, with Mauritius ranked first among the African countries.

Mauritius was positioned 48th out of 148 countries with a score of 4.31 on a maximum of 7 points, compared to 2013 when it was ranked 55th and scored 4.12 points. On the other hand, South Africa came a distant second with its rank steady at 70th position, even as its score improved to 3.98 points compared to last year’s 3.9 points.

For Sub-Saharan Africa, the report noted that the region slowly continues to develop its ICT infrastructure, with emphasis on mobile telephony and by expanding the number of Internet users, which in some countries—such as South Africa—has almost doubled. These improvements have led to many important innovations that provide more and better services that were previously unavailable, such as financial services.

Source: Ion news
Published on: 25 April 2016