Mauritius and Australia agree to cooperate in Marine Renewable Energy

Mauritius and Australia signed an agreement on “Assessing Wave Energy and Micro Grid in Mauritius”, a study that will be conducted by the Australian firm Carnegie Wave Energy Limited. A funding proposal of about AUD $ 990 000 was endorsed for the project. The agreement reiterates the emerging cooperation between Australia and Mauritius in developing the Blue economy, one of the three key pillars of the New Economic Strategy within the region and Africa.

The agreement is a follow up to a Memorandum of Understanding signed with the Mauritius Research Council in June this year with focus on three key areas which are namely: the delivery of a renewable energy roadmap for Mauritius; the assessment of the Mauritian wave energy project; and the design of a micro-grid powered desalination plant in Mauritius and Rodrigues. According to Minister Lutchmeenaraidoo, the Blue economy offers new possibilities for unlocking sustainable growth and jobs. He further underlined that, Mauritius is strategically contemplating how best to create viable economic and entrepreneurial activities within its 2.3 million square kilometres of Exclusive Economic Zone as expected from 2015-2016 budget. He concluded by stating that Mauritius looks up to Australia as a partner in our new Economic vision. 

For her part the Australian High Commissioner, Mrs Susan Coles, reiterated that access to clean, renewable energy is critical for Mauritius and is key to unlocking economic prosperity. She lauded the initiative of tapping the wave energy which is in line with Mauritius vision of developing renewable energy technologies, the blue economy and domestic water security.

Source: AllAfrica

Posted on: November 25, 2015