Interview of Bhavana Banymandhub, Senior Manager at Cim global Business

In our first edition of the year, we meet with Bhavana Banymandhub, Senior Manager at Cim Global Business

Tell us more about you.

I am currently a Senior Manager at Cim Global Business. I have always aimed at achieving success in my career as well as seeing to the well-being of my family. I believe that the strength of character that I apply to meet my clients’ requirements on a daily basis has contributed to the position I am now in at Cim. Moreover, I am a person who likes to engage in a fast-moving environment with an aim to make the most of every opportunity for self-growth and self-development. In addition, the exposure gained during my career path has also helped to forge my personality in terms of setting clear objectives and always ruthlessly finding out a way to resolve any issues.

How long have you been working for Cim Global Business?

Since June 2000, i.e. more than 16 years.

Tell us more about your job within the company.

I lead a team of 15 co-workers and I am responsible for their administrative and functional direction.

Your best memory at Cim Global Business?

I have been part of the company for more than a decade, and it has been more of an enriching and fulfilling journey than anything else. One of the milestones which I hold close to my heart is the day when the cluster Cim itself took birth, the launching event made me feel part of the history of the Cim Group. That instilled within me a great sense of belonging as well as enhanced my willingness to work harder as a means to contributing to the success of Cim Global Business, and thereon that of Cim.

Another one of my best memories at Cim Global Business was when the Cim Group was listed on the Stock Exchange of Mauritius, which represented a significant achievement toward furthering our growth and expansion strategy. The fact remains that this listing became a doorway to increased public awareness of the company, and all the employees of Cim at the time were offered shares as a means to increase their sense of belonging, which I felt was an amazing gesture of recognition and involvement by the company to its employees.

What do you like about your job?

I have been in corporate administration for a number of years, and it has been a great learning curve in terms of client exposure, client requirements and speed of delivery. I must say that when I initially joined Cim Global Business, the industry was booming and companies were expanding at a very fast pace, which has contributed extensively to building my knowledge and competence in managing portfolio of clients. Since my personality is very much in line with the demands of the business, i.e. being proactive and efficient, I have encountered no major hurdles in fitting perfectly into this working environment as well as adapting myself just as well. My job as a Senior Manager involves effective delegation and close monitoring of each and every transaction, and hence keeping an eye on details. Ensuring accuracy and precision in maintaining a standardized level of professionalism across the team is my biggest challenge as well as my drive to wake up and come to work every single day.

What are your hobbies and interests?

I like painting, crocheting, driving, teaching/mentoring kids in mathematics and assisting elderly people.

What is your typical weekend like?

As much as I love the adrenaline rush which is triggered by the work that I do, I also enjoy spending weekends with my family. One of my favourite hobbies is driving and with a beautiful island like Mauritius, I try as much as possible to go out for drives with family and friends and explore the natural landscape the island has to offer. I am also very fond of the sea and enjoy swimming in the turquoise lagoon bordering the exotic sandy beaches of Mauritius. I also spare a few hours to help a small group of kids to catch up on their school work.