Global Talent Competitiveness Index 2017: Mauritius ranked 1st among African Countries

The 2017 Global Talent Competitiveness Index released by international business school INSEAD, ranks Mauritius 46 out of 118 countries, with regard to factors such as the regulatory landscape, business environment, education, sustainability and use of technology. Switzerland, Singapore, UK, US & Sweden occupy the top 5 places.

Mauritius leads Sub-Saharan Africa followed by three other upper-middle income countries of this group namely Botswana (63rd), South Africa (67th), and Namibia (76th).

The country scores 49.15 and is above the median GTCI score, supported by a solid Enable pillar (35th) and the Regulatory Landscape of the country is particularly good (26th).

The index measures the extent to which countries attract, grow and retain talent and how they translate their efforts into output.

This year’s GTCI analyses how technology can indeed ‘augment’ human efficiency. It states that the digital revolution has been unfolding for decades—its impact on business and society has been visibly accelerating since the start of the new millennium.

The GTCI report provides a tool-kit for governments, businesses and non-profit organisations throughout the world. Its wealth of data, analysis and national scoreboards is intended to help countries overcome talent mismatches and be competitive in the global marketplace.

Source: INSEAD