Economic Diplomacy: Mauritius, China intensify bilateral cooperation

The Minister of Foreign Affairs, Vishnu Lutchmeenaraidoo and the Chinese Deputy Minister, Qian Keming signed three agreements which are aimed at strengthening economic and political ties between Mauritius and China on the 24th May at the Treasury Building in Port Louis.

The agreements include  a feasibility study on the establishment of a Civil Aviation Academy, a grant of RMB 100 million for the construction of a state-of-the-art multisport complex in Cote d’Or and a feasibility study on the project Of Free Trade Agreement between the two countries.

The Minister of Foreign Affairs said that the advent of a free trade zone between Mauritius and China will open enormous business opportunities between the two countries and also in a scenario China – Mauritius – Africa. In terms of market access for Chinese companies, the Minister spoke about the openings to the SADC and COMESA countries, given Mauritius’ ownership of these two major trading blocs. Mauritius is also focusing on the creation of a tripartite free trade area with SADC, COMESA and the East African Community, a huge market with more than 650 million consumers. According to the minister, Chinese companies can use the Mauritian port to undertake minor processing activities and re-export to these markets under favorable conditions.

 Source: The Platform Africa